What is an air purifier?

what is an air purifier?

Outdoor and indoor air pollution poses a serious health risk to the population and has been linked to numerous health issues such as respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease and stokes. According the the World Health Organisation, 4.3 million people die per year due to exposure to indoor house pollution¹.

We can take measures to reduce the air pollution in our homes such as using modern cooking equipment and updating central heating boilers to environmentally friendly models. It is difficult however to remove all air pollution from our homes.

An air purifier can be used to filter the air in our homes and remove contaminants and pollution form the air. An air purifier is a pretty simple machine that draws air in through an inlet, this air then passes through a serious of specially designed filters and clean air is released at the end. Some models of air purifier such as the Philips AC3256/60 can remove up to 99.9% of bacteria within 1 hour.

Each air purifier is fitted with a special set of filters which each remove certain pollutants from the air. There are filters to remove larger particle matter such as dust and pet hair which can help control allergy symptoms. Another filter is responsible for removing dangerous gases and bad odours creating a safer breathing environment. If you would like to find out more about the different types of filter available, check out our filter guide here!

Before buying an air purifier there are various specifications we need to consider. It’s important to know that not all air purifiers are the same, however, there are some fundamental points we can always look out for. A HEPA filter for example is a must! This is arguably the most important filtration stage of any air purifier. This fitter has been tested and approved to remove 99.7% of fine particle matter which has been clinically linked to cause exacerbate health conditions.

The main types of filter are; Preliminary, HEPA, Carbon Activated and Cold Catalyst. Each air purifier comes with a different set of filters so it’s important to review what is included before you make your purchase.

Other important factors to consider are room coverage and the clean air delivery rate or “CADR”. This is the rate in which polluted air is cleaned and clean air is circulated back into the room. If you would like to find out some more information about CADR, check out our guide here!

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