De’Longhi Dedica Style
EC685M Traditional
Pump Espresso Machine

Honeywell air purifier
12 bar
Multiple Servings
Pre Ground or Pods

What type of coffee machine is this?

The De’Longhi Dedica Style EC685M falls into the “pump espresso machine” category. In order to achieve what would be considered a true espresso, heated water needs to be pumped through the ground coffee at high pressure (usually a minimum of 9 bars). This will result in a rich coffee with that perfect sought after crema, just like when we go to our local coffee shop.

The De’Longhi Dedica Style EC685M model will automatically produce a various combination of espresso. These are as follows; 1 single shot espresso, 1 double shot espresso or 2 single shot espresso at the same time. This is ideal for quickly making coffee for 1 or 2 people however if there is a large group, the others will have to wait their turn.

Specifications and features

This particular espresso coffee machine benefits from a pump that will deliver 15 bars of pressure. This is ideal for achieving the perfect crema for all ground coffee types. De’Longhi has incorporated their thermoblock technology into the Dedica Style EC685M coffee machine which allows the coffee to be delivered at a constant temperature. The temperature of the water is crucial for achieving the perfect baristo espresso. An additional feature here is that the temperature of the water can be adjusted depending on personal preference and coffee type. Whether that’s very finely ground coffee or more coarsely ground coffee, this machine will produce consistent results.

If you like to make coffee other than espresso, this machine comes with a steamer with two options. Firstly hot water can be pumped through the steam arm to create americanos for those who prefer a longer coffee drink. Secondly, steam at high pressure can be produced to create creamy, frothy milk for those who love rich and authentic cappuccino.



The De’Longhi Dedica Style EC685M coffee machine is available in 4 colours; silver, white, red and black. It’s fair to say that De’Longhi have created a beautiful and elegant coffee machine here with a premium feel. Made from mainly stainless steel with a thinner, more compact design than most other coffee machines, this model will fit and look great on most kitchen work surfaces.

The drip tray on which the coffee cup sits is removable depending on cup size. This is to cater for longer, americano type coffee. There is also a convenient indication tab that tells the user when the drip tray is full and needs emptying.

Pricing and Verdict

At the time of writing the silver version of the De’Longhi Dedica Style EC685M coffee machine was on sale and available for £139.00 on Amazon. This is an incredible price for the performance, quality, brand and design offered with this espresso coffee machine. De’Longhi is a well established and trusted Italian brand, known for making beautiful, fashionable appliances. It’s not stated how long this offer will last and the usual price is £219.99. Delivery is also offered free. Make the most of this offer while it’s still available.


  • 12 bars of pressure

    Producing rich crema

  • Compact Build

    Beautifully designed

  • 4 colours available

    Model suited for every kitchen

  • Can make coffee for 2 people at the same time

    Slower serving for large groups


De'Longhi Dedica Style EC685M Traditional Pump Espresso Machine - Silver
253 Reviews
De'Longhi Dedica Style EC685M Traditional Pump Espresso Machine - Silver
  • Create all your coffee shop favorites with a real barista experience at home
  • Prepare and deliver your perfect espresso with fresh ground coffee
  • Adjustable milk frothing steam device for frothy cappuccino and silky smooth latte
  • Hot water delivery for Americanos or herbal tea
  • Three filters including a single, double and ESE compatible filter